Rage Effect Alpha Recap

Historically speaking, sometimes you just have to be there to see it. From the storming of the Bastille in 1789 or Guy Fawkes’ gunpowder plot in 1605 to the Rage Effect Alpha Launch in 2022 Q2 — there’s nothing quite like experiencing history being made from up close, and then living to tell the tale.

So look, there’s no easy way of saying this: if you missed the Rage Effect Alpha, you did miss out on one of the biggest gaming events in recent history. But hey! At least you can read all about it here (you’re welcome).

What was Rage Effect’s Alpha Launch?

Our Alpha Launch was truly one of the most exciting events in the blockchain gaming space ever. It was an event hosted for a select few community members who were eager to get their hands on Rage Effect and test the game out. The primary objective was to test out the multiplayer functionalities of over 100+ users playing simultaneously.

We selected 220 users, of which 168 players played for 332.6 hours, taking the total to 1.98 hours per player. Yup, you read that right!

The top 50 users (the Whitelist winners) had 127 hours of playtime with 76,382 kills. The reward for our top players was our access to our NFTs — the top 3 earned the Shershah NFTs, the following 5 got the Badshah NFTs, and the next 10 received the Veer NFTs.

Check out our Final Day Leaderboard:

Of course, it’d be a shame to hype you up and then not show you anything at all. Here’s a sneak peek at the game:

Alpha Version 1
Alpha Version 1

After testing our Alpha, when some users reported the bugs, the team worked hard to release another patch in just 5 days.

Alpha Version 2
Alpha Version 2

Even if you couldn’t make it for our Alpha, we have something huge in the pipeline coming for you this month. And guess what? You might just have another shot at enlisting for the Rage Effect Army:

Our Beta Launch is Coming
Nearing our Beta launch towards the end of this month, we’re feeling a little extra generous, so we’re giving away Beta spots & Whitelist on our Discord. This is your chance to not only be a part of history, but write it with us.

Follow us on Twitter and join our Discord for further details!



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