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4 min readSep 6, 2022

Welcome to one of our all-time favorite topics here on the Rage Effect team: Developer updates! This time around, we’ve got some cool new additions and improvements, as well as some fresh content! We have new sky-boxes, a revamped spectate mode, new maps, and more! Oh and also a slew of level optimizations. Stick with us as we take you through what’s new from the hard-working dev team.

Added: Dynamic Skies
This feature will go a long way to create a sense of depth when navigating through open-air maps; adding to the realism you’ll experience when engaging in hair-tight multiplayer deathmatches. It’s wild what a difference this makes, even when performing 180-degree flickshots to hit a target sneaking up behind you.

Dynamic weather & time of day — It’s subtle, but adds a lot to the immersion factor.

Added: New Game Modes
Keeping the gameplay fresh is always a priority, and custom games is somewhere we enjoy a lot here on the team. We’ve added ways to challenge your friends (& foes!) to Snipers only, Melee only, etc!

What other kinds of modes would you like to see? Let us know on Discord!

Added: New Maps — Construction & Desert
Of course, we cannot resist adding more content in each update cycle. The latest maps to make it into the game are Construction and Desert. The goal with these two maps has been to add new and different ways to play Rage Effect. Some say a first-person shooter is only as good as its maps, so we’re putting in a lot of effort to make sure our selection brings unlimited opportunities for varied gameplay.

Desert — This settlement once stood proud, but now it has been ravaged by years of conflict.
Construction — Tactical insertion to neutralize a strategic target, anyone?

Added: TPP Spectating
Get a clear view of the action, and maybe even call out to your team when there’s an enemy on their flank. Adding this mode not only allows you to gain a better overview of the action while waiting to respawn, but it also serves as a handy mental separator so you’ll never be in doubt about whether you are playing or spectating.

Fixed: Map Optimizations

This is the least exciting, but perhaps most important update this time around. Thanks to some pretty dry technical work, maps are now lighter for your system to run, translating directly into increased performance across the board on most-if-not-all systems. On paper this is boring, but in practice, it feels great!

Experimental: Visual Improvements & Midnight City

Naturally, we’ve been hard at work on improving almost every aspect of Rage Effect, and we’re ready to show you a small snippet of where we’re at. This specific map may or may not make it into the final product, but it does serve as an excellent showcase of the kind of graphical updates we’ve been making behind the scenes. The keen-eyed among you will notice awesome advanced volumetric lighting effects and other lovely eye-candy. That’s all we’re ready to show you right now, but do keep an eye, so keep an eye on our Youtube channel as well as the official Rage Effect website.

That’s all folks! We’re always working on making Rage Effect the best game it can be, and we are so thrilled so many of you are taking an interest in our journey; we’re all in this together! If you’d like to learn more, ask a question, or simply join our excellent community, find us on the Rage Effect Discord Server!

Thank you for reading, and see you next time!

About Rage Effect

Rage Effect is designed to appeal to both sides of the coin: the pure gameplay and competitive side of finding the best strategy, team, and climbing the leaderboards to win tournaments, as well as the blockchain-powered decentralized ecosystem in which players’ actions impact the game’s progress.

The words blockchain gaming and first-person shooter are rarely used simultaneously. These features have been merged in a free-to-play & play2earn game that allows users to earn, spend, and even bet with their $RGE tokens. NFTs can also be purchased, collected, and used by players to enhance their game experience. Gamers have the ability to personalize their characters, weapons, and loadouts, allowing them total control over their experience.

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