Rage Effect Joined hands With MetaShooter

Rage Effect
4 min readSep 20, 2022

Rage Effect is pleased to announce a partnership with MetaShooter.

MetaShooter is a cryptocurrency industry pioneer because it offers ultra-sharp graphics, a logical ecosystem, and the ability to use the MetaShooter hunting game. The MetaShooter development team considered every aspect of the game’s design in order to provide a realistic and optimal user experience. MetaShooter has multiple gameplay modes and a logical ecology in which each player’s assets are shared; it is a blockchain-based AAA game where people come to have fun while earning money.

Check out the trailer for the play to earn hunting metaverse.

Rage Effect And MetaShooter

The partnership between Rage Effect and MetaShooter will undoubtedly be an exciting one. With this collaboration, we hope to promote the gaming economy, bring GameFi closer to mass adoption, and bring on more users. Through the collaboration with MetaShooter, we will be able to reach a larger audience and expand the Rage Effect community.

Rage Effect and MetaShooter will work together on a range of exposure-boosting social media posts, cross-community AMAs, and general joint project co-marketing assistance.

Stay tuned as we roll out more exciting use cases of the partnership.

About MetaShooter

MetaShooter is the first decentralized blockchain-based hunting Metaverse, bringing together millions of gaming enthusiasts in a community where they can engage in realistic hunting and develop a variety of activities with diverse monetization opportunities.

The gameplay enables users to use their imagination to improve hunting skills and capabilities. Its large marketplace and equipment forging features allow users to buy off-the-shelf weapons and assemble their own for more consistent shots. Construct hunting towers to become more undetectable, or use baits and additional equipment to outwit and take down ones prey more effectively.

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About Rage Effect

Rage Effect is a Solana blockchain-based community-driven PvP and PvE FPS that introduces a new gaming genre and a Play-and-Earn system. The genre is a hybrid of shooter, survival, and exploration elements, with a Counter-Strike-style feel and dynamic gameplay by guilds that encourages teamwork to help players survive and win rewards.

The words blockchain gaming and first-person shooter are rarely used simultaneously. These features have been merged into a free-to-play & play2earn game that allows users to earn, spend, and even bet with their $RGE tokens. NFTs can also be purchased, collected, and used by players to enhance their game experience. Gamers have the ability to personalize their characters, weapons, and loadouts, allowing them total control over their experience.

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Our Vision

To be among the very first to spark the blockchain-gaming revolution into mainstream games.

To create a collection of shared online worlds in which physical, augmented, and virtual reality can converge.

To utilize the $RGE token in establishing a governance mechanism that is visible, intuitive, and rational, ensuring that no single individual or organization can control the Rage Effect ecosystem.

Our What

We are the first AAA-Graphics, Play & Earn, FPS Game on Solana with a DAO and Metaverse.

⚬ Officially Backed by Solana Labs

⚬ Magic Eden Partner

⚬ Playable Game (Free to Play)

⚬ Runs on Unity Engine

⚬ In-game Guild System

⚬ In-game Marketplace

⚬ In-game Casino

About Goldon Studios

Goldon Studios is a socially responsible game studio dedicated to creating innovative and engaging games to ensure each person has the best possible gaming experience. At Goldon, we reinvent the traditional gaming experience. We are a rural Indian game development firm that has blended the finest of internet gaming with blockchain technology. We are a diverse team of experts in blockchain technology, game design, and programming.

We believe in producing high-production-value gaming experiences that can be enjoyed on desktop and mobile platforms and run on the Unity engine. We feel that games are a vital part of our lives because they enable individuals and societies to cultivate and discover latent abilities that would otherwise be limited or impossible to discover. We want to create a gaming environment that inspires leadership, cooperation, and creative thinking and has a long-term influence on people’s lives.



Rage Effect

The First AAA-Graphics P&E #FPS on #Solana with a DAO and Metaverse!